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The Bubbly Bunny Story

Hello! Thank you for stopping by our Bubbly Bunny burrow. 

My name is Jen Toro and I am the soapy creator here at The Bubbly Bunny. I've always dreamt of creating a special oasis in which anyone can feel cared for and loved. I thought of a peaceful coffee shop with comfy chairs and yummy pastries or a personal blog to motivate people through life. In search of that "thing", I discovered soaping.


The Bubbly Bunny is my oasis which I thankfully get to share with all of you. My goal is to create products to give you a special moment, a safe space in which you can enjoy a few minutes of bliss while enjoying a fun bubble bath. I hope you feel cared for and loved every time you use our products.



The Bubbly Bunny Family

This is my family and the people who fill my heart with love and creativity so that I can share that with you! Every handmade product has a little love, a little care, and a one of a kind feel. Just like life. ☺

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